Wheat is one of the most

Today’s wheat is a “chronic poison”.
Wheat is one of the most consumed grains in the world. However, unlike our ancestors, 10,000 years ago, wheat is now not a more natural product than the real, but a genetically modified mixture of different cultivated varieties. This genetic modification is not directed at human health, but mainly at the highest possible yields.

The agricultural economy was born to grow rapidly and to fight Keto Viante pests and adapted to the mechanical conditions of industrial bakery operations; Now we have to do it with the grain, which consists of 50 percent of the gluten.

For about 50 years, the gluten content in wheat was only 5%. The more gluten-free white there is in the beans, the better it will be to make commercial baked goods. Not to mention chemical additives to extend the validity of these essential foods produced in large quantities.

The risk to the health of this wheat is that our digestive system has not adapted in such a short period. William Davis, a cardiologist and author of the wheat belly, is not afraid to call modern wheat “chronic poison”, which not only harms gastrointestinal patients, but affects all of us.

Opponents of the modern grain industry, such as Davis, make wheat responsible for the degenerative degeneration of Western society and include degenerative diseases such as diabetes, intestinal diseases, heart disease, skin diseases, arthritis, depression and dementia. , that goes back to the wheat and the fat of the chest conditioned by the gluten.

Gladens – It is said that the new wheat protein increases intolerance
The negative holders on wheat and gluten accumulate. Due to the increase in gastrointestinal disease, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, as well as more than 200 other health conditions that may result from grain consumption, these clinical studies show. (Here you can find a list of diseases that are possible caused by gluten: wheat: 200 clinically confirmed reasons not to eat it)

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