Nine rules to post comments.

Nine rules to post comments.
So, when is it logical to post a comment?

If you have read the entire article completely (you have not seen it alone!).
If you have any questions about the content, or if you have read the sources or studies mentioned.
If you can write constructive comments where comments are deleted, a sentence does not make sense.
If you have questions that fit the subject but are not answered in the article.
If you have relevant questions, and they are not answered in the remaining comments.
If you describe suggestions of your own knowledge as an experience report, but not as a treatment guide.
If your comment does not include treatment suggestions.
If your comment is free of brand and publicity (Schleich).
Last, but not least, we are also pleased to consider the rules Trialix of spelling and punctuation when writing comments, as it will be fun for other readers to read your comment and, if necessary, answer it.
Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your beautiful and factual comments and, if warranted, in cash 🙂

Your Health Center team.

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