Proteins against hair loss.

Proteins against hair loss.
Our hair is composed mainly of proteins called keratin. Therefore, the lack of proteins can also contribute to hair loss. According to Harvard scientists, strong hair is based on an adequate amount of protein.

If the body does not receive the protein properly, the keratin formation necessary for hair growth will be affected. Dry hair can be brittle and hair loss is the result.

Protein intake affects hair growth
Therefore, the metabolism of healthy proteins is of great importance  Keto Blast in the growth of our hair. The basic condition for the metabolism of proteins is to absorb all the amino acids in the correct proportion.

The amino acids already lost can disturb the recycling process. Therefore, the balanced intake of high quality proteins is more important for living organisms in general and for healthy hair in particular.

Despite the overproduction of protein sources from plants and animals in the western world, protein deficiency can occur in some populations. People who eat unbalanced or even suffer from eating disorders run the risk of lack of protein and possible consequences.

Important warning signs of a possible protein deficiency are not only hair loss, but also extreme fatigue, depression, anemia or immune suppression.

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