The health sources

The health sources of fructose are good for the liver.
Another interesting discovery from our study is that fructose (fructose), which is strongly discouraged in current guidelines on the treatment of NAFLD, does not seem to have any particularly harmful effects on the liver, “said Dr. Alfrink.
Conversely, healthy fructose-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, which not only contain fructose, but also contain many nutrients and antioxidants, have a very positive effect on liver health. Of course, unhealthy foods rich in fructose such as lemons, confectioners or sweetened sweeteners should be avoided as much as possible.

With fatty liver, eating better or little meat!
“This population-based study suggests that animal sources of protein, such as meat, increase the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease,” says Professor Philip Neussum, of the Liver Research Center, and professor of liver disease in the liver. College. Birmingham, United Kingdom. Therefore, physicians and nutritionists should take this factor into account when providing dietary advice to interested parties.

Fatty liver – the right diet
Even with fatty liver, the diet must meet the usual standards of a healthy diet rich in nutrients, which can be used for almost any disease, but it is also preventive. These criteria are the following:

Lots of fruit and vegetable salads
It strongly reduces meat and other animal protein sources.
The choice of plant protein sources is preferred.
Eat low amounts of fat if you eat fat, then only healthy fats, for example. Extra virgin olive oil, since it can protect the liver.
Avoid sugar and sweetened products. The healthy Keto blast sweeteners we offer here: the nine sweeteners are healthy
Avoid ready-to-eat products Instead, prepare meals with fresh and medium ingredients as possible ingredients
Avoid the soft drinks and fruit juices that are bought, instead, drink water. From time to time, fresh fruit and vegetable juice can be eaten freshly
Extract the flour in whole grains.
Of course, do not drink alcohol!
The complete list of all healthy diet criteria can be found here: 25 Healthy nutrition rules

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